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It is very pleasant to spend the evening out. Castellammare Del Golfo offers a number of area attractions and activities.


Evening Activities
It is very pleasant to spend the evening out. You may drive towards Castellammare Del Golfo and go for a nice walk towards the Lungo Mare, La Marina, Piazza Petrolo. You can easily eat out in one of the many restaurants, where you can enjoy the rich flavorful traditional Sicilian dishes, accompanied by only the best wines, which blend tradition, culture and excellence. You can visit the local shop or sit outside a local café and enjoy watching people taste the Sicilian cannoli or pastries. You can also attend the musical concert at the municipal arena and the public park.

Daily Activities
In the Morning you may sit in the Veranda, having your breackfast and Coffee.
You look at the clear blue sky, touching the Emerald Blue Sea at the Horizont,
You look at the gulf of Castellammare,you can see the extreme point of North
Sicily “ Capo San Vito”
This morning you have the Choice to go for a walk or Jogging on the beach,
(Walking distance) or jump on your car and go to the Marina of Castellammare,
Where you can rent a boat, go for a Snorkeling Adventure or plan your day as
you like it.

Places of Interest
•    The Museum AnnaLisa Buccellato by the Castle of Castellammare del Golfo
•    The Golden Sandy beach of Castellammare( La Playa with Bars, Music,Water
Sports  Activities
The Marina and the Port of Castellammare with daily Boat Excursions to Lo
Zingaro National Park and SanVito Lo Capo.
Scopello  Swimming Aerea, rich of colorful fishes,great for Snorkeling and
Terme Segestane,for Natural Sulfur  baths-Sauna Baths-Inhalation Aerosol Therapy
And  Hydromassage; Great for swimming in  Outdor  Spa Pool
Tel: 0924 530057

Suggested Places to eat

*Ristorante  La Campana  ( Castellammare del Golfo, Piazza Petrolo)
*Appetissant, Contrada  Gemma D’oro Tel: 0924-31520
*Ristorante L’Approdo- Calamarina Tel:0924- 31525
*Ristorante  La Cambusa-Calamarina Tel:0924-30155
*Ristorante /Pizzeria & Bar “ La  Veranda”
 Contrada Guidaloca- Tel. 0924  39362
*N.Y. Pizza& Restaurant S/S 187  exit Scopello
 English Speaking : Vincent Rizzo Tel: 0924-39073
*Ristorante/Pizzeria” IL BAGLIO  “ Borough of Scopello tel. 0924 542200
*Ristorante  “ La  Lanterna   (Walking distance from Residence)
Enjoy the rich and flavorful tipical Sicilian dishes  and “ Buon Appetito”

Enjoy the rich and flavorful typical Italian dishes that blend tradition, culture and excellence

Discover the history, tradition, myth, legend and beauty of Sicily and have a pleasant stay at Sabbie doro Residence.

Available Excursions: 

•    IL  TRENINO  : Ideal for CITY  TOUR “ Castellammare del Golfo “
•    La  Penelope  with stop at “ Lo Zingaro Reserve and SanVito Lo Capo”
Dep. 9:30 am ,Return : 6:30pm Tel:339 849 4082
PRIMEROVI & LEONARDO DA  VINCI    Tel: 0924- 34222





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